About Melanie Josephine, life coach for women

Helping you attract the relationship you want

I used to stay in relationships that weren’t going anywhere.

It was heartbreaking.

I went on good dates and bad dates.

I was stood up and ghosted.

So when I’m telling you that I will teach you how to attract the relationship you want- I mean it!

For three years I stayed in a relationship that was on and off, on the verge of being toxic and at times completely drained my energy. I didn’t know how to get away, let alone getting over the guy.

I constantly hear women say that they are hung up on someone, want to give up on love or aren’t interested in going on anymore dates that lead nowhere.

If there are other women who have found the relationship they want and live a fulfilling love life- the same is possible for you!

The relationship you seek is out there, you just need to know how to attract it!

The partner you want is waiting for you! That’s why you need to know how to attract him/her!

This isn’t woo woo, this isn’t made up. It’s a skill that you can learn!

And you are here to learn it!

Love is the foundation of all happiness.

The reality is, you can be sacked tomorrow. Your house can be flooded. Your phone may be stolen.

If you know how to have love in your heart, you will never be without it!

When it comes to finding love, I live by one rule: You attract what you send out!

But there is an important catch.

So many women say they are looking for one thing, but unconsciously send out the opposite message.

In other words- if you are not aligned with what you want- you will not receive it.

Your subconscious mind is literally playing against you!

But I can teach you how to change that.

One step at a time, I help you move past the blocks that are holding you back- leaving all baggage behind- so that you can create the future you want.

You can’t get the relationship you want without being emotionally free.

I know because that’s what I did.

I moved past my blocks one step at a time.

I went from carrying a lot of emotional baggage to being emotionally free.

And I did it without any magic.

I will teach you everything you need to know to meet the person right for you.

Ready to get started?