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I have cracked the code on how to attract the relationship you want, so that you can spend your time enjoying your love life!

I have broken down the science of how to attract the love you WANT in the easiest way, so that you enjoy the process!

If you want to change your love life once and for all- this is the ultimate program to join!

So many women are telling me…

“All the good ones are taken”

“It is so difficult to find a partner who wants to commit”

I am so tired of bad dates”

“I don’t know how to move past my negative experiences”

If this is YOU, I totally get it.

And when you move past these blocks that are holding you back, you will never feel the same again.

In fact, you will never believe how easy it is to attract the love you want.

Work with me if…

  • You want to attract a healthy and fulfilling relationship
  • You want to leave bad dates behind and experience magic
  • You are ready to leave exes/ flings/ admirers behind who are not interested in being committed
  • You believe in a higher power/ the universe/ god or simply in the power that is hidden inside you
  • You are ready to step up rather than sit back

What clients say about my coaching…

Cecile´s experience:
I´m usually not one to put things online, especially when it’s on a personal level, but to help others I will.

Working on yourself, working
through your feelings and working on issues you are struggling with is
important or it could build up over the years…

To be able to speak up, to show others that it’s ok to have struggles, to ask for help and to be vulnerable…

I’ve had my fair share of troubles.
I’ve faced many things in life and for the first time I’ve started to work through it and face the depths of my issues…
I wasn’t able to identify my issues until I opened up and went through this programme with Melanie.
Of course it’s a process, that within
yourself, you must keep working on and make sure you understand the
reasons you are doing it…

Its important to take time for YOU!
To be able to be there for others and to be able to be in a relationship without bringing your fears or insecurities…

It’s important to be able to communicate with your partner about your past or any struggles…

For the first time, during this program, things have all fallen into place…

I would recommend Melanie any day.

I feel privileged to have her as my mentor as I carry on working on myself.

Sonja´s experience:
I was Melanie´s life coaching client for 12 months. The topics we covered together were: work-life-balance; challenges I faced at work; relationship issues; learning to trust my inner voice; techniques to help myself in the moment and accepting things I am not in control of.

I learned various methods that helped me handle the following struggles better: fear, pressure, nervousness and tension. I learned that all emotions are part of life and that it is okay to feel them from time to time. Melanie never gave up until i understood that I am safe when I allow negative feelings. They only fade when I let them be, not when I resist them.

I trust Melanie completely and she helped me to successfully implement the transformation I wanted to see in my life.

Thank you Melanie for the great life coaching experience; for always respecting my wishes for the session topics and your wonderful personality.
I am very grateful.

My Offer To You

Here Is What You Get When You Decide to Take Your Love Life into Your Own Hands and Work With Me:

8 x 1 Hour Coaching Calls

Breakthrough Notes after Every Session

Weekly Exercises that Move You toward Your Desired Outcome!

1000% Accountability! I Will Hold You to Your Word!