Work with Melanie Josephine to improve your love life

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I have cracked the code on how to attract the relationship you want, so that you can spend your time enjoying your love life!

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So many women are telling me…

“All the good ones are taken”

“It is so difficult to find a partner who wants to commit”

I am so tired of bad dates”

“I don’t know how to move past my negative experiences”

If this is YOU, I totally get it.

And when you move past these blocks that are holding you back, you will never feel the same again.

In fact, you will never believe how easy it is to attract the love you want.

Work with me if…

  • You want to attract a healthy and fulfilling relationship
  • You want to leave bad dates behind and experience magic
  • You are ready to leave exes/ flings/ admirers behind who are not interested in being committed
  • You believe in a higher power/ the universe/ god or simply in the power that is hidden inside you
  • You are ready to step up rather than sit back

My Offer To You

Here is what you get if you decide to work on improving your love life with me

5 x 35 minutes coaching calls with me

Coaching call notes after each session

Weekly tasks to move toward your desires

My award winning book, Love Life Simplified